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Posted on November 1, 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Pistol Discipline:
Q.) What are the basics of Pistol competition?
A.) Please the the NRA pistol overview

Q.) What are the rules?
A.) We follow all NRA pistol competition rules

Q.) What equipment is required?
A.) We shoot 3 guns (.22, center fire, .45acp) in our winter league and 2 guns (.22, center fire) in our summer league

Q.) What does a typical match look like?
A.) We shoot 30 shots with each gun. 10 shots in 10 mins.(slow fire) 5 shots 20 seconds, twice (timed fire), and 5 shot 10 seconds, twice

Q.) When are matches shot?
A.) Tuesday and Thursdays PM (see the Events Calendar for times)

Q.) How many Beloit Rifle club members currently shoot in the league?
A.) Currently 10-15 members shoot in our leagues

Q.) I’m new to pistol and would like to learn, is there help available?
A.) Absolutely! Our league has many members that have an encyclopedia of knowledge. They are willing to help new shooters

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