Black Powder

Posted on December 7, 2014

Important Dates remaining for 2014:

Dec 21, 2014  –  9:00 am – 1:00 pm: Black Powder Shoot – WMLA Sanctioned “Frost On The Lodge Shoot” (Program “B”)

 Important 2015 dates for Black Powder:

Sun. Feb 15th – Monthly Shoot
Sun. Mar 15th  – Monthly Shoot
Sun. April 29th – Monthly Shoot
Sun. May 17th – Monthly Shoot
Sat. June 27th – WMLA Sanctioned “Wisconsin Sergeant C. York Shoot
Sat. Aug 1st – WMLA Sanctioned “Shotgun Shoot”
Sun. Aug 16th – Monthly Shoot
Sun. Aug 23rd – Monthly Shoot
Sun. Sept 20th – WMLA Sanctioned “Hunters Match”
Sat. Oct 24th – WMLA Sanctioned “Turkey Shoot” (Program “B”)
Sun. Oct 25th – “ED LA CRONES” Turkey Shoot – WMLA Program “B”
Sat. Dec 19th – WMLA Sanctioned “Frost on the Lodge Shoot”
Sun. Dec 20th – WMLA Sanctioned “Frost on the Lodge Shoot”



For more information contact: Harley Whitt (608) 921-1542 or Charley Brown (608) 868-2514

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