Black Powder Cartridge

Posted on January 8, 2018

Special Black Powder Cartridge Fun Shoot Notice
Hi Fellow BRC members. The Black Powder Cartridge Shooters (BPC’s) would like to invite all members to our Fun Shoot held on December 10th, 2017 from 9:00 am to 12:oo pm. Our rules for small bore shoots are single shot old style or replica Rifles under 38 caliber. This one time shoot will be small bore rules except any action for this Fun Shoot, but cost (or current value) of the rifle, scope and rings not to exceed $500.00. cost will be $5.00 for all shoots available. Sorry no prizes. Just for fun! Hope to see you all there.

John Lillig (815) 226-4306

Black Powder Cartridge 2017 Calendar of Events:

Monthly Shoots: All shoots start at 9:00 am and run to about 12:00 pm.

The second Sunday of each month will be a Black Powder Cartridge Small Bore Shoot.
The fourth Sunday of each month will be a Small Bore and Large Bore shoot, except for the fourth Sunday in November and December where there will be no shoots due to deer hunting season and Christmas.

Aug 13, 2017 Small Bore
Aug 27, 2017 Small and Large Bore
Sept 10, 2017 Small Bore
Sept 24, 2017 Small and Large Bore
Oct 8, 2017 Small Bore
Oct 22, 2017 Small and Large Bore
Nov 12, 2017 Small Bore
Dec 10, 2017 Small Bore

For more information, contact:

Director: Don Rotzell (608) 756-0495

Asst. Directors: John Lillig (815) 226-4306 and Everett Bennett (815) 389-3302

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