NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette

Posted on January 14, 2018


Beloit Rifle Club

851 E. Philhower Road (Gate A or Gate B)

Beloit, WI 53511          NRA Club# C0443




Where: Beloit Rifle Club – Silhouette Range

Date & Time: Saturday, January 20, 2018.

Practice will be from 9:30am to 10:45
The event will begin at 11am & end at around 12:30pm
Fee: Junior (under 18): $5.00, Senior (60+): $5.00, All Others: $10.00

EVERYONE is encouraged to attend. The Silhouette Range will be open to the public. Bring your .22 rifle along with STANDARD or HIGH VELOCITY ammo ONLY. No hyper ammo is permitted. Authentic Silhouette Pins will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, for all classes. We will be shooting at distances of 40, 60, 77, and 100 meters. There will be 10 silhouette animal metal targets at each distance, to knock over. Total 40 rounds, which is 10 shots at each distance.

If you have never shot at metal targets, and had the thrill of knocking them off their stands, now is your chance to have some FUN! If you are a HUNTER, come and test your off hand shooting skills! Meet some new people with similar interests… Shooting! Restrooms on grounds. No alcoholic beverages permitted.

Everyone is welcome to participate, as this is open to family and friends. We look for new comers and anyone that wants to join us for the first time as a beginner! Bring your .22 Rifle and have fun.

Only a blizzard will cancel this event. See you there!
If you have any questions, please contact: Steve Schmalz 608-362-7172


The 2018 winter indoor .22 rifle and pistol Silhouette shooting season is every Monday evening, on the indoor range, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm or so.  We end the indoor season on Monday, April 30th.  We shoot paper targets. Come and join us anytime between 5:00 and 6:30 pm. Open to the public. $5.00 fee for non BRC members.

NRA Approved practice summer times are every Thursday evening beginning May and through Sept.  Start Time:  5:15pm ish.   Open to the public. $5.00 fee for non BRC members.


LOCATION:   The Beloit Rifle Club,  851 E. Philhower Rd (Gate A or B),  Beloit WI.  53511

We look for new comers and or any that want to join us for first time or a beginner! Bring your .22 Rifle

RULES: Current NRA Silhouette Rules will apply.  Competition is open to EVERYONE.  Out-of -State competitors are WELCOME.   **We look for new comers, first time, or beginners to join us with your existing 22 rifle with NO weight or trigger pull limit.   But,  No fully automatics.  We do have FUN!

COURSE OF FIRE: NRA regulation distances and targets will be used.  The Tournaments will be 80 rounds each for Hunter and Standard Class.  Squads within your relay will determine target order.  Shooters will score for each other.

FIRING TIMES: Tournaments and State Championship begin promptly at 10:00 AM.  Please be present to register before 9:45 AM.  *Sighting-In is from 8:30 to 9:45 AM.

EQUIPMENT: Per NRA rules.  Rifles will be weighed and certified before the Tournaments.  Hunter Class:  Max weight rifle w scope is 8-1/2lbs.   Trigger pull weight is 2lbs min.  Standard Class:  Max weight rifle w scope – 10-1/4lbs. Trigger pull weight has no limit.

Ammunition: .22LR Standard Velocity or High Velocity ONLY.

CLASSIFICATION: NRA Silhouette classification is used. for Tournaments.  If you do not have a 2017 NRA Silhouette rifle Classification Book, you may purchase one from the Statistical Officer.  The booklet is for recording your scores to establish your NRA level of ability.  Having a Classification book, also qualifies you for awards and if no classification book, you can still shoot.

AWARDS:   Pin Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Class awards:  Master, AAA, AA, A, B and unclassified.    Match Winner pins are awarded.  5 and 10 pins are awarded.  [Only 10 pins for Master and AAA classes].

State Championship Awards: Special Class and Match awards are awarded ONLY to Wisconsin Residents.

TIES: Ties will be decided per NRA Rule 15.3[a].  All ties will be broken by a shoot off immediately following the match.


Monthly Tournament:

Adults  $15. 00 per rifle & $25.00 for 2 rifles.

Non BRC Members:  $20.00 per rifle & $35.00 for 2 rifles

All Juniors under 18:  $10.00 per rifle
State Championship:

Adults  $15.00 per Rifle and $25.00 for 2 rifles.

Adult Non WI Resident:  $20.00 per rifle and $35.00 for 2 rifles

All Juniors under 18:   $10.00 per rifle

NOTE: Restrooms on grounds.  No alcoholic beverages permitted.

Please bring your Classification Book if you want to receive awards.   Everyone is welcome to participate in our Tournaments as is open to family and friends

Jan 2, 2018 Update

The 2017 outdoor summer .22 rifle Smallbore Silhouette shooting season ended on Thursday, September 28th. Overall, attendance was light again this year, but everyone that came out to participate and shoot had a great time.

Our final 80 round monthly NRA Saturday match of the 2017 season was held on September 16th. Beloit Rifle Club member Tim Jaedike did extremely well in this match. Tim was the match winner in the Standard Rifle (Heavy) Class hitting 58 out of 80. Tim was also the match winner in the Hunter Rifle (Light) Class hitting 44 out of 80. Congratulations, Tim, on a very successful 2017 season.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time and energy to make our NRA Sanctioned Saturday matches a success. Without a doubt, our 2017 outdoor season was a hit. We did it with a lot of your help. We need to thank everyone that came out to shoot with us. Also, thank you to the volunteers at the state Championship and the monthly NRA Saturday matches. Additional thanks go to the grounds crew and the people that worked during the summer, keeping the sand berms free of grass and weeds, and looking after the general maintenance of the Silhouette grounds. We have a first class, high quality Silhouette shooting range. Plan to come out next summer and enjoy it with us.

The 2018 indoor winter .22 rifle and pistol Silhouette shooting sessions will be held again this year on Monday evenings. The season already started on January 1st, and it will end on April 30th. We shoot paper silhouette targets on the indoor range. Come and join us any time between 5:00pm to 6:30pm or so. Bring more than one gun, if you want to. This is a great chance to practice your offhand rifle and pistol shooting skills. Remember, these evenings are informal and meant to be a lot of fun.

Finally, don’t forget our annual “Frosty Iron Match”, to be held on Saturday, January 20th, 2018. Check the Beloit Rifle Club web page for the further details. The 2017 event was a very nice warm pleasant day. Let’s hope for another beautiful day, again in 2018. Plan to come out in January and join in the fun!

Be safe and have a great 2018!

Remember, “Practice makes perfect.”

Steve Schmalz  

Silhouette Director





State and Club Director: Steve Schmalz  608-362-7172


Asst. Director: Toby Allison

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