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The following information describes the current Beloit Rifle Club new membership procedure effective starting 2017. The links below at the bottom of the page provide PDF copies of the new Membership Procedure and the new Application. Click on these links to access this information. Note, fees shown below are the fees approved by the Board of Directors for the 2017 Membership year only. The fees may vary from year to year at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


  1. You must be a member of the National Rifle Association – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Membership in your State Association is suggested but not required.
  2. Get an application at the club or download one on line.  Your application must be postmarked December 31 or earlier of the year that you wish to join.  Remember that we only take in members once a year, the second Wednesday of March.
  3. Get to know the club members so you can have two (2) of them act as sponsors on your application.  Through these members get to know about the club and all it has to offer.  One of the best times to get to know members is at a club meeting, which is the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Introduce yourself to the group to get the process started.
  4. Another benefit of going to the meetings is to see who is in charge of the various disciplines the club offers.  See who participates in the shooting area that you are interested in.  This is the fastest way for members to get to know you.
  5. Dues for the Beloit Rifle Club: New Member dues are $300.00. That breaks down the following way. 1. $200.00 Initiation Fee, and  2. $100.00, current years dues. During the first year of your membership, if you volunteer 16 hours of service, the dues for the following year are $100.00. If no volunteer hours are obtained, the dues are $340.00. Any hours volunteered will reduce the $340.00 proportionally. You will receive a chart detailing this reduction policy, as a member. Dues during the second, and all following years of membership, the volunteer requirement drops to 8 hours for maximum dues reduction.  Currently the dues are $100.00 with volunteer hours and $220.00 with no volunteer hours.  These are subject to change, based on a yearly review of costs and projects, to determine the final dues structure.
  6. I’m sure you have many questions.  This is just an introductory statement to get you started along the road to membership.  Ask those who are acting as your sponsors for the answers to your questions, if they don’t know ask at a meeting. Get a RULE BOOK from your sponsors and go over it with them.  Part of your membership is the responsibility to know the rules the club functions under.


  1. Applications must be turned in BEFORE the first of January of the year in which you wish to become a member. You do not need to come to the “Dues Collection” Day, that is for the collection of dues of current members. A letter will be sent to all potential new members in February inviting them to the March meeting. Each new member who wishes to join the club is required to attend that meeting.
  2.  I realize that a public records background check will be conducted. If I am not a resident of the State of WI, I will be required to present a “FOID” card, or its equivalent, prior to admission to Beloit Rifle Club. Also, as of the general club meeting, 3 June 2015, all new Beloit Rifle Club members must attend and complete “one” of “three” orientation sessions offered during the first year of their membership or renewal of membership will not be possible.
  3. At the March meeting, an orientation session will be provided by the various disciplines, the membership directors, grounds keepers and chief range officer. Each person will emphasize the factors of SAFE range operation, as it applies to their discipline.
  4. New member induction takes place at this March meeting of the Beloit Rifle Club. Your dues are payable at this time and it is also the time when you will get your membership card and key(s). Dues will be collected at end of a short club meeting.


You must be a member of the National Rifle Association. There may not be any felony convictions on you record from this State or any other State in this country. You must have a membership number from the National Rifle Association. That number must be on the front side of this document. Putting the words “Applied For“, where the NRA membership number should be will cause this application to be mailed back to you. Do not return it until the NRA membership number is added. Remember the application due date, BEFORE THE 1ST of JANUARY. The Beloit Rifle Club takes in members only once a year, in March.

SUGGESTON: Make a photocopy of this document and the completed membership application for your records.

“PDF” copies of the above materials are available in the hyperlinks below:

Beloit Rifle Club Membership Application.pdf




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