Range Construction

Posted on January 9, 2018

Range Construction

October 5th, 2019 Work Day List

 Build new target frames and Styrofoam for the Main Range (To be installed at Sight-in Days)

  • Paint the Shooting Hut at 500-M Range and the East bay Defense Range
  • Finish painting the storage shipping container outback (Multi-gun Storage)
  • Build 2 picnic tables and stain
  • Clean the Indoor Range area
  • More items will be added to the list as we get closer to the work day

Lots of work available for the Sept 7th work day. Jobs include:

Clubhouse Tasks:

  • Mop and clean bathrooms
  • Sweep and vacuum clean floors and rugs
  • Clean Indoor Range viewing area and around shooting tables
  • Removal of all trash from trash containers and deposit in dumpster
  • Mop and clean kitchen floor
  • Wash and clean windows
  • Clean gutters

General Range Tasks:

  • Sweep up around shooting benches
  • Check and repair Main Range targets
  • Pick up all brass
  • Empty all trash containers and deposit in dumpster
  • Grease shooting bench seats
  • Move 2 new gun racks to the Main Range (Take bad ones to the burn pile behind the 100-Y Range)
  • Fill sand/salt buckets in salt sheds

Parking Lot and all remaining Ranges Tasks:

  • Pick up all debris/paper and deposit in dumpster
  • Empty all trash containers and deposit in dumpster
  • Trim weeds around cement barrier on roadway to the Back Range
  • Cut grass and trim weeds on the 500-M Back Range
    • Weed the berm of the 200-M and 300-M
  • Repair and replace 4 x 4 posts on 100-Y Range outback
  • Check target frames on 100-Y, 200-M, 300-M, 500-M

Painting (Paint is in the Clubhouse storage room shelf)

  • Paint 500-M Shooting Hut
  • Paint East-bay Range Shooting Hut
  • Paint the multi-gun storage container
  • Stain Archery Range raised shooting platform


  • Clean the garage (Put all excess wood in storage behind the100-Y Range on the Main Range)
  • Finish building shooting bench for Outback Ranges


General Work Days For 2019

The Range Construction Directors have set the following schedule for General Work Days for 2019. All work days are scheduled from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm unless otherwise specified. Individual ranges will be closed at the discretion of the Range Construction Directors based on the work being performed.

Saturday April 6th
Saturday May 4th
Saturday June 1st
Saturday July 13th
Saturday Aug 3rd
Saturday Sept 7th
Saturday Oct 5th

Special Work Days are also scheduled for the following dates:

Friday May 10th – NRA Day Youth Sportsfest Setup,  8:00 am until 2:00 pm
Friday Nov 1st – Sight-In Days Setup, 8:00 am until 1:00 pm




Attached are photos of the range construction project for our main range.  Photos were assembled by the BRC historian, Al Wendorf.


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