Posted on January 9, 2018

A Brief History

1925 – Beloit Rifle Club is chartered – meetings held at Jones Hardware at the corner of 4th and Grand and featuring a 50 foot shooting range

1927 – Affiliated with the National Rifle Association

1930 – meetings moved to Grinell Hall

1949 – meetings moved to former Besley Wells plant on 3rd Street

1968 – initial land purchased on Philhower Road

1974 – purchase of second parcel on Philhower Road

2001 – purchase of parcel behind current range

2004 – Opened the Cowboy Action Range on the back range

2011 – Completely upgraded the Main Range to “No Blue Sky” Safety Range

2014 – Opened the new 100 yard “No Blue Sky” range on the back range

2015 – Opened the new 200 yard and 500 meter “No Blue Sky” range on the back range


Check out the pdf links below for an interesting article on the history of the Beloit Rifle Club:

Beloit Rifle Club History Part A.PDF
Beloit Rifle Club History Part B.pdf

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