General Work Day Aug 1, 2020

Posted on July 25, 2020

Saturday August 1 is our next General work Day. We have a lot of various projects planned. As we did last month, we are planning a lot of smaller projects so that we can “social distance”. The list below shows many of the projects that are currently planned. This list will be updated and modified as necessary.

Project: Paint new numerical number signs for Main Range for Sight-In Days.
Project: Install trim boards around ceiling in Black Powder Lodge
Project: Install rock landscaping around Black Powder Lodge
Project: Clean clubhouse (wash windows, scrub table tops, clean bathrooms, wash windows in indoor range viewing area, etc)
Project: Paint the shooting hut on the east bay range
Project: Paint the legs on the shooting benches on the back 500 M and 100 yd range
Project; Pressure wash and clean the Trap garage and Work Shop garage outside walls (assuming we have a working pressure washer)
Project: Empty the trash containers on all ranges
Project: Finish Weed trim and brush the 500-M Road (1/2 complete last month)
Project: Rake and seed new black dirt by the new safety wall between Black Powder and Pistol
Project: Dispose of old paint in garage
Project: Cut 16 ft 2 x 8’s into 8 ft 2 X 4’s (in outside lean to building)  
Project: Clean and re-organize closet in Clubhouse

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