Monday Night Trap

Posted on May 1, 2020

Monday night trap is going to start this year with a modified format.We are going to have 5 shooters sign up for a weekly time slot commitment. Time slots will start at 5:00 and each half hour after that. Each time slot will shoot 2 rounds back to back. Those wanting to shoot more than 2 rounds will sign up for 2 time slots. All shooters will be expected to do their shooting prep at their vehicles and arrive at the trap range ready to shoot at their designated time and shooting station. I will be setting up a self serve. Trap Token dispenser. Only 6 tokens/$20 will be sold. No individual rounds will be sold and no change will be made, so come with exact change. I am going to be signing people up for time slots in advance over the phone. You will be able pick your time and shooting station on first come first served basis. The first night, Monday May 4th, will be a sign up and rules review meeting from 5:00 until 7:00. Try to stop by during that time. Tokens will also be sold. We will not be shooting until Monday May 11th. Thanks, Jeff Goode 608-921-6567

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