BRC Holster Drawing Certification

Posted on February 10, 2019

The purpose of this mandatory certification process is to allow select Beloit Rifle Club (BRC) members to be permitted to draw a loaded handgun from a holster in practice at the BRC Defense Range.

Structure of Certification:
The certification will consist of three parts. The first part is to read the entire policy. The second part is a classroom portion where the rules of the policy will be covered, your gear will be inspected, and a quick demonstration of the required skills will be provided. The final part of the certification is a practical demonstration of skills.

The administrators*** are responsible for the administration of this certification, curriculum and testing procedure development and application. A certification may be revoked or suspended at any time by the BRC Board, or their designee, including Range Officers (RO) or Match Directors.

After successful completion of all criteria, the member will be issued a lanyard that must be displayed while shooting on the defensive range.

There is a one-time $10.00 fee for the certification. This may change by order of the Board of Directors.

*** Administrators are a group consisting of Defensive Range, Multi-gun and NRA Instructor board members. They will oversee any future instructors. ?

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