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Posted on January 16, 2019

A few reminders for current members. We are changing the padlocks again this year. That change will go into effect February 10, 2019. Your current padlock key will not work after February 10, 2019.  Your small padlock key will be the main gate key. If you do not have a current key to exchange, a new key will be $5.00. I have included a payment schedule so that you can determine your cost for renewal.


PAYMENT OF DUES: Most of the payment of dues occurs at the Dues Collection Day, February 10, 2019.  Remember also that this dues collection will be at  Boundaries Bar and Grill. Dues will be collected from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  It is important to remember that your range key, padlock key, will not work after February 10, 2019.  If you cannot make the first collection, there will be alternate dates for you to renew. These follow-up collections will be at the Beloit Rifle Club clubhouse.  We have included a chart of the alternate payment days and the times of collection for each of those days.


Alternate Dates For Payment of Dues:

 February – 23 – Saturday      – 11:00 am –    1:00 pm.

March     – 06 – Wednesday –  4:00 pm –   6:00 pm.

              – 17 – Sunday        – 11:00 am  –  1:00 pm.

April         – 03 – Wednesday  –    4:00 pm –  6:00 pm.

             DEADLINE:   03 APRIL 2019

Before Club mtg.

            These dates and times will be posted on the entrance gates. Check for the next renewal time and date, should you miss the first one.

            We are also requesting that payments be made by check or money order, whenever possible. Remember: Your dues must be paid by the April 3, 2019 club meeting.


Regular Member                                First Year Member  

8 HRS   $110.00   16 HRS  
7 HRS   $125.00   15 HRS  
6 HRS   $140.00   14 HRS  
5 HRS   $155.00   13 HRS  
4 HRS   $170.00   12 HRS  
3 HRS   $185.00   11 HRS  
2 HRS   $200.00   10 HRS  
1 HRS   $215.00   9 HRS  
0 HRS   $230.00   8 HRS  
      $245.00   7 HRS  
      $260.00   6 HRS  
      $275.00   5 HRS  
      $290.00   4 HRS  
      $305.00   3 HRS  
      $320.00   2 HRS  
      $335.00   1 HRS  
      $350.00   0 HRS  

 RENEWAL THROUGH THE MAIL: If you exercise the option to pay your dues by mail, please submit the following:   Failure to do so could result in loss of membership:                       

  1. 2018 Membership Card and small padlock key (with credited hours).
  2. Photocopy Of Your Current NRA Membership Status, (Mailing label from your magazine has all this information, just clip and send)
  3. Dues Payment (See Dues table printed above-Check/Money Order Only – NO CASH!)
  4. $5.00 Mail-in Handling FEE (just add this to your dues payment – your membership will NOT be processed without this fee)

REMINDER: Your padlock key will need to be sent in when mailing in your BRC Membership card, NRA membership status and payment. Membership card and padlock key will be mailed to you. Your checks will be cashed after Feb. 10, 2019. Include your E-mail address if you want confirmation that your check has been received. 



If above conditions are not met, your membership will not be processed.

This option should be exercised only as a last resort. We will make every effort to process the mail renewals as quickly as possible.  This process for mail renewal has been done for many years and I suspect that a processing time of one to two weeks should be expected.


The Board has decided that since current members have five (5) opportunities to pay their dues and have a mail in option to pay dues, any member not paying their dues by the first Wednesday in April, 2019, will be required to go through the new member application process, if they wish to continue their membership.

         If you have specific questions or are confused, please call and we will attempt to clarify.

 Jon Nortemann / David Steenblock

608-751-0413 / 608-754-8501

Membership Co-Directors for the Beloit Rifle Club

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